Fluidstream Inc. is a privately owned oilfield technology company focused on creating patented innovations within the oilfield compression and production optimization market segments. The company boasts several patents, and its design philosophy is to enhance technology by creating robust mechanical components and leveraging sophisticated programming algorithms and data analyses.


In 2010, Fluidstream was founded by two engineers with vast experience in the oil and gas industry who wanted to improve oilfield technologies by:

  • Creating products that solve challenges related to “old school” oil field equipment;
  • Delivering solutions through robust and simple mechanical designs combined with sophisticated algorithms that ensure operational targets are achieved; and
  • Designing equipment with significantly reduced maintenance costs.


In today’s challenging environment, it is more important than ever to optimize oilfield operation and maintenance costs. Additionally, with the industry-wide focus on methane emissions reduction, our customers are demanding efficient and cost-effective products that can also mitigate methane emissions.

Over the last decade, we have perfected our technology to meet industry demands, especially in the vapor recovery market. With proven results that demonstrate the benefits of our technology over conventional and new systems, we are now set to broaden our customer base.